reduce heart disease risk

There is a common saying that prevention is always better than cure, and there is nowhere this phrase holds true than when discussing chronic medical conditions. One of the major causes of disability and death is heart diseases. Our lifestyle, ways of eating as well as exercising routine, levels of stress and many such factors determine the level of heart diseases that are caused. But there are certain ways to reverse and prevent the heart diseases.

Some of them are listed below.

1. Keeping the cholesterol under control

Cholesterol levels determine the thickness of the blood flowing in the veins. High cholesterol levels tend to clog the arteries and veins of the heart, which results in reduced pumping of blood. Regular use of hot and warm water, proteins as well as less fatty foods helps you to maintain the right levels of cholesterol.

2. Maintaining the blood pressure

High blood pressure leads to heart diseases. But it can be prevented by various factors such as maintaining a healthy diet, leading a balanced lifestyle rather than a hyper fast living and maintaining the stress levels. Walking is one of the major ways of reversing heart disease. A walk a day can stimulate your body and can maintain your blood pressure levels. And the good thing is, you need not have scheduled walks as you can simply do it in your workplace by taking the stairs, talking walks during tea and lunch breaks etc.

3. Exercising regularly

Exercising is of fore most important factor in the prevention of any disease especially heart disease. It improves the circulation of blood and also strengthens the heart. But care should be taken since excessive exercise can lead to some higher rate of blood pumping which is not advisable for heart disease patients. A typical 45-60 minutes of walking and mild exercising is just enough if you wish to prevent and reverse heart disease.

balanced food4. Maintaining the proper diet

The most important part of a healthy lifestyle is a proper and a well balanced diet. A diet which is free from fatty foods, excessive oily materials and rich in proteins and carbohydrates is termed as a balanced diet. After a certain age, the foods like cheese and butter o and other fast foods which comprise of heavy fats should be avoided on a regular basis if you wish to prevent any form of heart disease. These foods which cause a rise in the cholesterol levels should be substituted with some healthy foods containing vegetables and fruits.

5. Avoiding smoking and alcohol

Alcohol damages the liver, and smoking destroys the lungs. Drinking excessively causes high blood pressure and increases the calories which tend to increase the weight, in turn causing the weakening of the heart. Smoking too increases the risk of heart disease to a great extent. Avoiding these habits could go a long way in keeping heart disease at bay.


If acted upon at the right time and if controlled with greater caution, heart disease is not only preventable but also curable. Take a personal initiative today.