Just like hair color and eye, crooked teeth are caused mostly due to genetics. Other causes may include facial injury, early loss of the baby teeth or childhood habits like excessive use of the pacifier, thumb sucking or tongue thrusting. Most adults believe that crooked teeth can impact their appearance. However, American Dental Association has presented a research that shows that crooked teeth can damage not only your appearance, but also your dental health along with overall health in several ways. Let’s discuss the health risks of having crooked teeth.

Gum disease

A common complication of crooked teeth is periodontal or gum disease. When your gum doesn’t fit properly around your teeth, plaque formation increases, leaving space for more bacteria.difficulty-brushing-teethdifficulty brushing teeth

Difficulty in cleaning

It’s easier to clean properly aligned teeth. The toothbrush can reach all the surfaces properly and flossing can be done perfectly. But when teeth are crooked, it becomes difficult to clean misaligned teeth which become breeding grounds of bacteria, thereby accelerating chances of cavities and oral disease.

Tooth wear and injuries

Bottom teeth that are crowded, often results in protruding of one or more teeth, which tends to rub against the upper teeth. This, in due time can lead to decay of tooth enamel. In the events of an accident, protruding teeth can also chip or crack.

Bad breath

Bad breath is generally caused by oral bacteria. Crook teeth are difficult to clean, resulting in plaque buildup and growth of lingering oral bacteria. Since they are difficult to get rid of, it gradually leads to bad breath.

Psychological effects

Not only physical, crooked teeth also have adverse psychological effects. Studies show that persons who look better when they smile, tends to smile more, which improves cognitive ability and lowers stress. Crooked teeth reduces your confidence, thus reducing your tendency to smile more.

More health risks

heart disease
Lack of adequate cleaning of oral bacteria impacts the health of the whole body. National Institutes of Health state that crooked teeth may result in pneumonia, diabetes along with increased chance of heart disease. In case of a woman, adverse effects may include delivering a low-weight baby or having a pre-term birth.

Like every health problem, crooked teeth also have a solution. Misaligned teeth can be straightened easily with the use of braces or other modern teeth alignment techniques. Thus, making it easier to brush and floss, resulting in reduced risk of oral diseases.