The right meal is not only about keeping good health and health weight, and for the prevention of dental disease. The quality of the food, the different options for combining it, as well as its nutritional composition may affect the oral health. Antioxidants and other useful nutrients, contained in fruit and vegetables can strengthen immunity and improve the ability of the organism to deal with bad bacteria and the inflammation. This in turn protects the teeth and gums.

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Foods to avoid:

Almost every one of us knows that food with added sugars harm not only teeth but also our general health, but how much? When it comes to teeth, sugar damages them much more than any other food substance.

The useful foods:

Vegetables are natural products with excellent mineralisation. Fish and eggs are very good sources of value for the health of teeth, and the useful fat, coming from the oil, the avocado, the coconut oil and olives.

proper brushing of teethOral hygiene:

The daily maintenance of good oral hygiene (the proper brushing of teeth and the use of dental floss) will help you to stop the problems before they deepen, which for you will be much less painful, cheaper and will not be as worrying as when Have a dental problem or other complication.


He’s a necessary micro element for our teeth. Today, there are many products that contain a large amount of fluorides: toothpaste, poly-vitamin complex, gum. It should be remembered that too much fluorine is as damaging to the body as its shortage.

regular dental checkupRegular dental check-up:

Regular prophylactic examinations are the way of early detection and prevention of caries and its complications. The timely visit with the personal dentist shows concern about the own health and high health culture. In addition, the dentist is able to give you recommendations regarding toothpaste and other remedies that are appropriate for you.