Your nose is a very important part of your body. When your nose bleeds could be a bother but knowing the right thing to do when that happens is a big help. The rhinoplasty Perth cost will provide the best solution for any problem you have with your nose.

The following are tips to prevent nose bleeds:

Use moisturizer. 

Stop it prior to occurring. The main cause of the bleeding nose is a dry environment. If you live in a place where the climate is generally dry and free of moisture, it’s good to apply the lubricant to the inside of the nose to avoid irritation. Often, when our nose dries, we try to lift the inside of the nostrils with a finger or rub the outside of the nose due to drought. Try to take Vaseline and put it in both nostrils to reduce the dryness of the skin that you have in your dry nose.

Use a humidifier. 

Nose BleedsOnce again, prevention is always the best medicine. The most likely cause of nosebleeds is that the air you live in has no adequate level of humidity for the airways. To increase the humidity in a room or work environment, connect a humidifier to distribute the water vapor to make the air more pleasant for the nostrils. Some humidifiers have different humidity settings. Therefore, adapt it to your personal preferences. If the device is too noisy and you use it in your room, try to leave it in an hour before going to sleep and close the door to protect yourself from moisture. Reduce the speed of the blood flow.

When you notice that this is happening, the best way to stop nosebleeds is to cover your nose with your thumb and forefinger. Go quickly to find a tissue and block your nostrils to stop the death of your blood. Many people tend to tilt their heads when they bleed through their noses, but the best tactic is to bend forward and squeeze the blood while keeping the nose covered with fingers and a handkerchief.


When the nose stops bleeding, there is always the possibility that it will happen again later. It is best to sit down, relax and breathe peacefully with a cloth in reserve, in case you bleed again. Avoid touching your nose because it can make the situation worse. Drink a glass of water to cleanse your throat and get rid of blood in your throat to prevent nausea from the smell.