The Australian Dental Association has constantly maintained that the child dental benefit schedule is the best protection dental program for Australian kids. CDBS can help identifying tooth decay in children in early stages.

The dental health of our kids, especially from low income families and those that are living in provincial and remote regions, is at stake. The CDBS is an initiative that was started by the government to make sure that all kids can get essential dental services. With this initiative eligible kids are qualified for getting $1000 of dental care more than two calendar years; the two-year timeframe will start from the initial treatment.       

The CDBS helps eligible kids with the following

1. Tooth extractions 

2. X-rays  

3. Fillings and seals    

4. Dental check up   

5. Scaling and cleaning

A few treatments are not covered by the CDBS, like orthodontic processes, cosmetic care, and processes that are done in health centers.       

checking tooth decay in children

To be qualified for the CDBS, you should:        

1. Child must be 2 to 17 years for no less than 1 day of the calendar year  

2. Be qualified for Medicare on the day of administration  

3. Be part of a family that has certain Australian Government installments         

Qualification is assessed toward the start of each calendar year and it’s legitimate for the whole year. Kids who become qualified later in the calendar year will have their qualification antedated to start from 1 January of that calendar year. Your kid can receive dental treatment under the CDBS through either a private dental center or a public dental center.         

Each parent needs their kids to be cheerful and health. Dental health is very important for children and toddlers. Never forget about their annual dental check up and clean and establishment of good oral care.