An infection in the root canal is a hurting dental problem resulting from the reach of bacteria in the teeth’s central canal as well as tooth injury or decay.

Once noticed, a root canal treatment should be done to curb its progress which may lead to a more complicated dental problem. In some cases where infections are difficult to control, your dentist may decide to repeat a root canal treatment.

If at all you’ve not been taught about various symptoms of root canal infection, it can be hard to identify the condition in case it infects you. To know root canal infection symptoms, continue reading:

In case you experience pain in the root canal, you should be alerted that it may be as a result of infection in the root canal. This leads to discomfort especially when bitting or applying pressure to the teeth.

Also, the teeth may be very sensitive to cold or hot drinks and food.

Dental Abscess
A dental abscess can result in bad breath and discomfort. Dental abscess forms when the bacteria, as well as the dying pulp tissue, forms a pocket filled by pus at the root’s tip. It can create a recurrent red bump, bulge or even pimple on the gum. Also, it can leak a liquid with a foul smell. In case of this condition, it goes without saying, it’s a symptom of canal infection.

Tooth Darkening
When the tooth is infected, may darken as well as look yellow or brown in color. Once the root canal tissues have been infected, they usually turn color to dark brown, thus affecting the tooth color. A darken tooth is a clear sign that the tooth canal has been affected.

root canal infection symptoms

• Gumline Swelling & Tenderness
When a root canal is infected, it can result in gum line inflammation. The swelling makes the gums feel tender and have an unusual reddish look. In most circumstances, there is a localization of swelling and discomfort signifying there is an infected tooth at the affected area.

• Bad Breath
If you have an infection in the root canal, you usually have a deadly bad breath. If you floss, brush, and use mouth wash but the bad breath still remain, an infection may be existing. This is because, the bacteria which causes root canal infections, emit a foul odor.

The above discussed symptoms signals you have an infection in the root canal. Thus, if you experience any of the above symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact your dentist as soon as possible before the situation gets out of the control.