Years of inactivity can cause your muscles to weaken and make parts of your body sag. This is especially true for breasts. Breasts are made mostly of fat but sit on top of the pectoral muscles. By strengthening these muscles, you can lift your breasts.

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The following exercises can help you achieve your goal without a gym or extra equipment.


This well-known exercise is excellent for strengthening the muscles, and you can do it almost anywhere. To perform the move, you would need to lay flat on the ground face down. Then using your arm, which should be a little wider than shoulder-width apart, push away from the floor, keeping your body straight. For a more accessible version, you can leave your knees on the floor. For best effect, you’ll want to perform it slowly to work the muscles. Completing as many reps as you can give you the best results.


This exercise works by isometric movement. To do it, you push against a wall as hard as you can for ten seconds, relax your arms, and repeat the move. This is like a push up in that you are pushing against something, building those pectoral muscles that will give you a nice lift.

Breast firming exercises


Triceps dips are known as one of the best exercises for improving breast sagging. The triceps dip move only utilizes a chair. To begin, sit on the edge of the chair firmly holding the seat of the chair with your hands. Then slide your body forward enough that your body is clear of the chair. Dip down slowly and push yourself up. You would repeat this as many times as you can. 

What’s great about these exercises is that they can be done throughout the day, even at work! The improvement in the appearance of your breast will not only make you feel better physically but will have you catching the eyes of admirers.