Women affected by breast cancer often suffer from their identity as a woman at risk if one or even both breasts had to be removed. Breast reconstruction, in this case, can be another step on the way to recovery. 

What is breast reconstruction?

Women who are diagnosed with breast cancer can often only be saved if they agree to a mastectomy. However, the breast is one of the most important body parts of a woman. Without a breast, many women do not feel well anymore. They feel ugly and unloved. And that although the disease is often not cured after such an amputation. 

In order to stabilize the women psychologically, breast reconstruction is often advised. Here, an implant is inserted into the breast, which consists of silicone and thus looks deceptively real. The soft silicone allows the attending physician to reconstruct the breast as faithfully as possible. A breast enlargement plays a minor role in this case as a rule, so that the size of the new size of previous breast chest is adjusted. Thus, a symmetrical result of both breasts can be achieved. 

As an alternative to the insertion of silicone implants, it is also possible to perform a breast reconstruction with intrinsic tissue. Necessary skin and adipose tissue can be taken from different parts of the body to insert it into the breast finally. A combination of endogenous material and silicone is also possible.   

Breast reconstruction cost  

The cost of breast reconstruction depends on several factors. Among other things, the preliminary talk with the doctor, which informs about the requirements of the woman as well as the condition of the breast, is calculated. Subsequently, the operation is performed under general anesthesia. Depending on the size of the reconstruction, the surgery can take two to three hours to complete. This time, as well as the anesthesia, must be financed separately and therefore also belong to the cost of breast reconstruction. 

breast reconstruction cost

The total cost of breast reconstruction can range from 2,000 to 5,000 dollars. Patients should check the cost of their clinic if this actually includes all costs incurred. Often, only the operating costs are mentioned, the costs for anesthesia and the hospital stay have to be financed separately. 

The financing of breast reconstruction

If breast reconstruction is necessary as a result of cancer, the costs are often borne by the health insurance companies, so that the women themselves do not have to spend their own funds. If the health insurance company does not approve the costs or does not fully approve of them, there is also the alternative option of financing. We show you different financing models.