One of the most fulfilling ways to kick-start your day is to rely on a cup of coffee. Granted! The incredible taste, coupled with its stimulating effect is almost addictive. However, does coffee damage teeth?

As a matter of fact, various studies have concluded that long-term consumption of coffee has a negative effect on oral health. It is for this reason that doctors may often recommend that you cut down your consumption of coffee. If you want to know tips on how to take good care of your oral health, visit the | website.

How does coffee damage your teeth?

Tooth Discoloration    

It’s common knowledge that coffee causes teeth discoloration. This is because coffee contains a polyphenol type of ingredients called Tannins. These ingredients readily break down in water. On the other hand, they have the ability to cause stain compounds to stick on your teeth hence stained teeth in the long run.        

Damage To Teeth Enamel    

Coffee is a considerably acidic drink. However, being a sticky drink like wine and tea, coffee has the ability to brood bacteria in your mouth. This will eventually cause enamel erosion which will consequently lead to teeth that are thin and brittle.        

does coffee damage teeth

Too Much Coffee Causes Bad Breath 

The third oral health effect of coffee consumption is halitosis. Just like enamel erosion, bad breathe also linked to the development of bacteria in the mouth. As you take coffee, some of its compounds will stick to your tongue and gums creating surfaces for the growth of bacteria. With the increase of bacteria, saliva production decreases hence the bad breath.       

How To Reduce Damaging Effects On Your Teeth       

Does coffee damage teeth? Well, that’s now beyond question. But if you are a coffee addict, then you don’t need to wet your pants over that. You can prevent teeth damage resulting from continuous coffee consumption by doing the following;         

  • Brush your teeth about 30 minutes after taking coffee possibly using whitening pastes       
  • Visit your dentist for routine teeth cleaning       
  • Take raw fruits and vegetables often.      
  • Consider safer alternatives like green tea       

While it is true that too much coffee comes with negative effects on your teeth, the above remedies are some of the ways to reduce the negative effects. This will particularly apply if you cannot cut down your consumption of coffee.