As the days go by, our lifestyles also change. It’s perceived that its only men who need to keep themselves fit but then, this is not true. Women also need to keep their bodies fit to help them keep themselves healthy and also keep a good physique. But then, this cannot be achieved while seated. They need to engage themselves in different types of exercises to achieve this. These exercises are not only better for acquiring a good body, but they are also important as there are many diseases emerging these days related to the breast for women.

One of the most common disease in the breast is breast cancer. There is a range of treatments available for breast cancer including surgery. Women who have undergone surgery as part of their treatment can undergo breast reconstruction to reconstruct the size and shape of your breast.

Herein are some common chest exercises for women; 

Bench press 

This is the common women chest exercise that is followed most of the time wisely. To perform it, you need a rod, weight according to your need and a bench. The weights on each side of the rod need to remain balanced on the chest and then try to move it upwards for at least ten reps. The recommended number of sets for an effective chest workout is between two or three. 

chest exercises for women

Incline bench press 

The incline bench press is another effective workout to try out. The difference with the above exercise is that the back support is kept inclined. It’s performed in a similar way like the bench press workout using a rod and weight. But then, this exercise can be done using a machine. The benefit of doing it with a machine is that support for the chest is automatically provided 

Dumbbell Flyes 

This is the simplest and easiest chest exercise to perform. To perform it, you need dumbbells of the required weight and a bench. Have your body flat on the bench and move the dumbbells to the abdomen and then outwards. Two to three sets of about ten to twelve reps are recommended for an effective session.