Men use surgery to change their nose, improve their breathing problems and change their appearance today more than ever before. Because the too-convex nose is thought to attract too much attention and affect other parts of the face, the largest proportion of patients with hump reduction rhinoplasty are men who require a reduction in the size of the nose. 

However, other men may be concerned about the general shape of their noses, requiring changes due to the unfortunate size of the dorsal hump in the middle of the nose or falling nose. Although the rhinoplasty for men and women is quite similar, the main difference between the sexes is that men should wait a bit longer to ensure that their traits are ripe before choosing a surgical procedure. 

Modern nose correction involves not only removing tissue to reduce the size of the person’s nose. Properly performed nasal surgery should be performed by a surgeon, who will make sure that the nose when it is processed, will connect with other features of the patient’s face, not just change the nose to the desired model. 

male rhinoplasty

For the best overall results, and in some cases, for a more significant change in appearance, nasal surgery patients can get recommendations for adding other cosmetic changes, such as a chin implant or even a complete facelift, along with the required nasal artery. 

Computer images are often used in pre-operative consultations by plastic surgeons to help patients understand what changes can be made in plastic surgery so that patients can see results before they are done. This step in the consultation allows the patient to understand the limitations of cosmetic surgery as well as benefits so that he can be more confident in entering the procedure with the full understanding of what he is doing. 

If the patient fits and agrees with the details of his surgical plan, his surgeon will present a plastic surgery that will be completed in a day surgery facility. The operation is performed under local or general anesthesia and may last from one to three hours, depending on the amount of surgical work performed. 

Male rhinoplasty patients experience little or no pain after surgery. If they follow the instructions for carefully, patients should return to the normal schedule after a few days. Swelling after surgery should disappear within three weeks.