We all love our skin to remain or get to be beautiful all the time, that’s a fact. Even when we talk of skin care routines, we still love that practice dearly. When my skin is nourished, especially by means of natural ways, I honestly feel pretty good just as you do.     

So, because we all want to have that super celebrity look, we first need to wake up from our comfort zones and then carry out some rituals that would greatly help us to look more appealing. For other beauty secrets, visit http://drtummytuckmelbourne.com.au/blog/.   

Below is a list of the most natural and healthy ways to help you achieve full beauty.    

1. Go Makeup-less once per week    

Does that sound strange? Well, doing so will give your pores time an elusive chance to breathe. However, if that’s not your cup of tea, you can go for mineral makeups to prevent your skin from absorbing toxins.     

2. Increase your daily water intake   

It’s to be said, that dehydration results in an early development of wrinkles! Drinking water will, therefore, help the body to do the things that it needs to do. A doctor says that ‘take eight glasses of water every day’.

3. Work out and do body exercises    

Working out every day will help you to sweat it out, and as a result, making your body to eliminate about 20% of excesses through perspiration.  Exercising release endorphins to make you happier. Being happy even makes you more beautiful.        

4.  Eat a mineral rich diet    

It’s common knowledge that the beauty of our bodies is a product of a perfect blend of minerals. Eat diets that are rich in such minerals as sulfur and zinc. Cruciferous veggies such as radishes, cabbages, and broccoli, plus eggs are very rich in sulfur.  Pumpkin, mussels, spirulina and sunflower seeds are sources of zinc.    

full beauty

5. Maintain positive thoughts    

Thinking pretty and maintaining positive thoughts will actually make you more beautiful. Because when you frown upon challenges, you’re just attracting the development of wrinkles, so goes a revelation by several studies. Sadness can wear a person out physically and emotionally. So, surround yourself with beautiful things and thoughts.    

6. Use charcoal to whiten teeth    

Add some charcoal powder to your toothpaste and use it when brushing your teeth. It’s a proven remedy for impurity and stain removal from the teeth.    

7. Use herbs to lighten and nourish your hair naturally    

Rosemary herbs cleanse the hair, coffee and black tea add reddish tones to deepen the color of your hair while chamomile soothes the scalp and lightens the hair as well.   

When you try these magical home remedies, you’ll have saved on finances a lot. Yet you’ll develop another revamped look. A little effort and you become appealing. Try them for a few weeks.