Though tooth decay affects the teeth of people of all ages, kids tooth decay is relatively higher that of adults. Several factors contribute to this problem to kids but the most significant reason is that many kids like taking sugary sweets and foods especially to those kids whose parents do no control the excessive sugar consumption visit to know more about factors of this problem. Worst these kids chew the sweets with their teeth and thus much sugar is left as a plague holding on their teeth

Parents should play a major role in the health of kids teeth by reducing the number of sweet snacks their kids take each day. In case the kid chews the sweets the parent should ensure that the kid drinks enough water to flush the pieces of sweets that could have stuck between the teeth. Brushing is also very recommended after eating sweets.

How tooth decay happens in kids.

Remember the teeth enamel of the kids is not as strong as those of an adult. When kids chew these kids tooth decay sugary foods, some pieces of the sweet attaches in-between the tooth. After some time they accumulate to form a substance known as plaque and tartar. These particles combine with the saliva in the mouth. The digestive bacteria found in the saliva then start to feed on the sugary pieces and then proceeds to the tooth enamel.

After some time a hole develops in the enamel this may take some months. This hole may proceed to the tooth roots and finally to the nerves of the teeth. This causes great pain when one is chewing or when drinking cold water

How to deal with kids tooth decay.

Your dentist will make sure that the kid’s tooth decay is treated as soon as possible. Accuracy is necessary because if the decay is not well closed it may result in an abscess which is quite painful. It also gives parents time to best prevent a repetition of the problem. It also makes sure that the unaffected teeth are prevented from the decay. A frequently recommended method is for parents to return their children to the clinic when need be for dental examinations.

As a parent ensure always regular monitoring of your kid’s teeth and following advice from the dental clinic. Realizing tooth decay when it is too late may not help in treating or minimizing the problem. At the right time, the child’s dentist will find and tooth problem and address the problem before it has been damaged to a great extent