A nasal fracture is a term which is used to refer to a broken nose. It is a fracture of one of the nasal bones or trauma to the nose. Some of the signs and symptoms of nose fracture include swelling, bruising, inability to breath and sometimes bleeding. The main causes of nose fracture are an automobile accident or involvement in a physical fight. This fracture is very painful and depending on the severity of the damage you will be required to undergo cosmetic surgery for repair.

Based on the extent of the fracture, repair should be done using the shortest time possible. Most individuals with this problem seek treatment when it’s too late and the nose may begin to set itself and this can lead to other cosmetic issues in the long run like crookedness and functionality difficulties like having trouble when breathing which may tend to persist. It is recommended to have nose restoration immediately after the fracture to avoid further complications.

Nasal surgery

Nasal fracture surgery is often referred to as revision rhinoplasty which is aimed at repairing damage resulting from a broken nose. When repairing cosmetic as well as functionality issues which develop later after the initial fracture the rhinoplasty has to be typically reversed. Since the nose is susceptible to breakage, this is one of the commonly used types of facial plastic surgery.

Circumstances you may opt for Nasal Fracture Surgery

nasal fractureA broken nose can be repaired using two approaches that is the surgical and non-surgical approach, and the kind of approach to be used is dependent on the extent of the fracture and the duration that has passed since the occurrence of the injury.

Less complicated fractures can be repaired non-surgically. The doctor can do this by moving the nose broken bones back into their normal position. More complex fractures can be repaired using the surgical approach.