Phantom pregnancy is the rare condition which results in the woman believing she is pregnant, displaying symptoms of the pregnancy, but the fetus is not present. People who frequently experience this can have many similar symptoms as pregnant women. If you desire to be pregnant, visit the best fertility specialist in melbourne to help you with your desires in becoming pregnant.

Those signs include weight gain, menstrual irregularity, swollen belly, nausea, increased hormones, and engorged breasts. It can last only if taken to confirm that the pregnancy is not taking place like with the ultrasound. It is also probable for the women to carry it for nine full months or longer.

With the phantom pregnancies, it is a rare condition, where the cases are dropping for the past century. Nowadays it only happens in between 1 and 6 for about 22,000 births.

phantom pregnancyThe real cause of this is not well known, but it’s thought it can be the mixture of physical and psychological issues which lead to a body being ricked’ to believe it is pregnant.

This can be when the woman experiences a strong desire for becoming pregnant, either due to infertility, impending menopause, or repeat miscarriages. This will cause their body to produce the symptoms which are similar to the one of the early pregnancy where the brain confuses with the real pregnancy signals. This results by the brain starting to release the hormones which lead to additional pregnancy symptoms.


If you find out that you are experiencing this, you can be tested and then taken for the upset time. The most effective treatment is the use of ultrasound or any imaging device which can show there is no fetus, which is developing.

Often the phantom pregnancy is the sign of the underlying psychological matter, like severe depression. In this situation, the doctor or the health professional can recommend for the psychological support, which includes the therapy to assist deal with this and also to get well from it.