It is possible for a patient to have a tooth placement on the same day of extraction, usually, a patient is required to wait between three to six months following a tooth extraction, this is to allow healing to take place before an implant, but there are exceptions and your dentist can judge when tooth extraction and implant same day is permissible. Read about the benefits at

The Process Of Same Day Tooth Extraction And Implant

The technique of tooth extraction and implant same day, can be applied in some cases where there is sufficient bone present after tooth extraction, to uphold the implant and if the hole from the extraction site isn’t too big. As with needing to wait for the extraction site to heal up, an osteotomy, has to be made in the bone to realign it and it must match the size of the implant.

For an osteotomy, you will be given an anesthetic, the dentist or oral surgeon will decide whether to use a general or local anesthetic. After this, the implant is inserted and a screw-cap is placed on top of the implant, this is to keep it securely in place and prevent it from moving.

A process called osseointegration occurs over time, this is where the bone grows around the implant – integrating with it and keeping it securely in place.

Important Factors To Consider 

While there are advantageous to same day tooth extraction and implantation – it saves the patient time and it reduces the number of surgeries

Tooth Extraction And Implant At The Same Day

required, it must be said that the failure rate is high, compared to waiting the usual three to six months healing period.

Dental implants are not a fast solution – It will take several of months of healing before implants fuse properly and can be used for proper support, once they are fitted.

Your dentist may advise you to eat a diet consisting of soft foods, that are tepid to warm, like soup and avoiding food and drink that’s either too hot or cold, as they can impede the healing process.

Despite a long healing period, when it comes to getting implants, they are generally safe and reliable especially for older patients and they can significantly improve a person’s quality of life.

It is vital that your dentist, discusses with you how to best care for your implants and develops a plan designed especially for you, that will produce the best possible outcome in a reasonable time frame.