You may have been suffering from stained and chipped teeth when your dentist gave you the option to try dental veneers. As you may know, veneers are very thin crowns made of either porcelain or composite resin that are shaped to mimic the size and shape of your broken gnashers. They are used to hide your teeth imperfections by attaching them to your damaged teeth and creating an improved look of your pearly whites and smile. But are you aware of removable veneers? Let us see if this is possible, their difference from the permanent veneers that we all know, and the cost of getting one. For other inquiries, you can learn more at


Removable veneers: What are they?

When we say veneers, we instantly think of the shield-type dental appliance that dentists put on the damaged teeth to conceal the discoloration or chipping and create the illusion of perfectly white and aligned teeth. But if it is removable, how does it work?

Removable veneers are temporary versions of the restorative ones. Their function is necessary for patients who are still hesitant if getting veneers is a suitable solution for their damaged teeth. These temporary veneers are like the early version of veneers that offer limited sizes, shapes, and colors. The dentist uses the most appropriate type for you and glues them on so you can see if the transformation suits you well. Their use is on a limited-time basis, so a patient who opts to get removable veneers need to decide if they want to push through with getting the permanent ones or if they would choose a different mode of treatment.


Snap-on veneersdental veneers

There is now a trend in the dental veneers world about clip-on veneers. This type of removable veneers is custom made and available online for purchase. They would initially send you a prep kit that has a dental putty in it so you can create a mold of your dental cavity. This impression will be used so they can create the perfect-looking removable veneers for you. However, as the name implies, they are just for show and would not let you perform your regular ‘mouth duties’ like eating and drinking. once you put them on, you can only drink water and clear liquids, and eating food even soft ones and definitely a no-no. Instasmile and Fab Smile are two of the most popular removable veneers in the market today.


The cost of getting removable veneers

Because they are only temporary veneers and are not yet professionally prepared artificial munchers, their cost is way cheaper than the permanent ones. Some prefabricated veneers widely available nowadays range from $100 to $150. Clip-on veneers may cost you $400 to $450 per dental arch or $800-$900 for upper and lower arches. This pricing is undoubtedly cheaper compared to permanent veneers which may cost you $800 to $2000 per tooth, depending on the material and location where you will get your artificial pearly whites.

Improving your smile and looks can definitely be easier using procedures and dental appliances like dental veneers. Make sure to consult your dentist so he can give you educated and professional advice on which procedure to choose that would suit your needs and preference.