There are medical and cosmetic ways your breasts have to be operated on. The best reason that gets on top of my head is before and after a breast cancer bout. Surgeons would either remove a cancerous tumor or the whole breast so that the spread of the cancer cells will be limited. And then after the treatment cycle with either or both radiation therapy and chemotherapy, and the patient is pronounced a survivor, breast surgeons perform reconstructive surgery to bring back the confidence and normalcy in the patient’s life and looks. But how much does a breast surgeon earns a year? Is a breast surgeon salary annually worth the extensive work that they do? To know some of the best breast surgeons,  visit to meet the team.

What makes up a breast surgeon salary?

The field of medicine

There are two fields that require the expertise of a breast surgeon: the oncology and the cosmetic surgery. Breast surgeons who perform mastectomy (removal of the breast) or lumpectomy (removal of the tumor or cyst to conserve the breast) are known to have a less annual salary that cosmetic surgeons who perform breast augmentation, reduction, or lift. In a salary comparison in 2011, these two categories of breast surgeons are noted and evaluated. Surgical oncologists, not necessarily breast surgery experts, have a yearly income of approximately $325000.  On the other hand, plastic surgeons who perform breast reconstructive breast surgeries earn approximately $435000.

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The expertise and years of experience

Of course, we cannot leave out the fact that even though a specific procedure has a standard fee, the surgeon’s fee depends on the level of experience and his specialty when it comes to performing the procedure r treatment. It is acceptable then that new surgeons and practitioners would charge less than those surgery experts who perform the surgery on a daily basis and are recommended and preferred by other specialists and professionals.



The practice

Let us admit that a doctor’s place of practice also affects his salary. Successful plastic surgeons, especially cosmetic surgeons, are known to have their own clinics that are already equipped to service operations and other procedures concerning the patient’s breast, for instance. Not only that, they also have accreditations from other hospitals and institutions so they get recommended to perform surgeries in these facilities as well. It is no surprise, then that their income is higher than doctors who do not have their own office or practice and are stuck in hospitals.

With this information, some say that the breast surgeon salary is only in the middle range of surgical salaries. The highest-paid surgeons are heart and brain surgeons, while the lowest income earners are, of course, general surgeons. However big or small their salaries hare, let us not forget the impact that they have on a patient’s life.  They save lives and improve them so that their patients may have a great outlook in life.