If you do extreme sports or martial arts, it would not be your first time to hear about a mouthguard. This article would shed light on how to mold a mouthguard to fit its user and the benefits of using one. You can visit the website of Mobile Mouthguards who are experts in sports mouth guards.

What is a mouthguard?

A mouthguard’s main function would be to protect the teeth of the sports practitioners while they would be on the field. It can also be called a gumshield or gum protector.

How to mold a mouthguard

When you take out the mouthguard from its packaging, you would notice that it is very hard and would have a distinct and generic shape. It would be essential to mold the mouthguard to fit exactly over the teeth of the person going to use the mouthguard, to make sure that maximum protection would be given to their teeth.

Prepare the things you need.

To mold your mouthguard, you would need:

  • A cup of very hot water
  • A cup of ice water
  • Tongs
  • Paper towels

Allow the mouthguard to soak in the hot water. The first step in the procedure would be to submerge the mouthguard into the hot water for around one minute. After the time has passed, use the tong to fish out the mouthguard, being careful not to spill any of the hot water or splatter any of it on your skin.

Dip the mouthguard in the ice water. Next, very quickly dip the mouthguard into the ice water. Only dip it in for around 2 seconds, just to cool it down enough for you to put it into your mouth without scalding your lips and gums.

Fit the mouthguard over the teeth. After cooling down the mouthguard to a safe temperature, fit it over your teeth. Make sure that there would be no parts that are folded and feel around with your tongue that all the teeth would be covered by the mouthguard. Use your lips to press the mouthguard over the teeth for it to mold and follow the shape of your teeth and jaw. Allow around one minute to pass before taking the mouthguard out.

how to mold a mouthguard

Dip in the ice water. When you would be satisfied with the shape of the mouthguard, put it into the ice water and allow one minute to pass so it can fully set into its new shape.

Dab with a towel. After you dab it with a towel, your new mouthguard would be ready for use.

Take note that you can repeat the steps from the beginning if you do not like the shape of the mouthguard. Soaking it back into hot water will bring it back to its original shape. You can repeat all the steps as many times as necessary for you to achieve the shape you would be comfortable using.

Why mouthguards are important

They protect your teeth so that no matter how many hits you take or falls you have to endure, your pearly whites will remain safe and intact. The risk of teeth falling out without a mouthguard would be very high. You would need to use a mouthguard so that you can flash your dashing smile during your victory party.