Many tools have been invented to make sure that patients receive proper care at the dentist’s office. This article will talk about how a dental electric handpiece can help improve your daily operations. If you are looking for new dental handpieces for your dental practice, check, an Australian shop for dental equipment.

What is a dental electric handpiece?

These highly developed handpiece systems have the precision and durability to be used in the everyday work of dental professionals. These handpieces are powered by an electric motor and offer much more precision and power than air-driven handpieces. 

Benefits of using a dental electric handpiece

Less noise and vibration. This will have a positive effect on both the dentist and the patient. The dentist will be subject to less noise, which will benefit their hearing in the long run. Also, the dental clinic will have a less frightening atmosphere, especially for children who might be startled by the noise, or patients who have dental phobia. Patients who are undergoing treatment stand to benefit as well because there will be fewer vibrations when the procedures are done, creating a more pleasant feel to the dental appointment. dental electric handpiece

More precise. Patient satisfaction ratings are also set to go up because of this benefit. There will be less pain involved with a tool that offers more precision. Also, there will be a smaller chance that any errors may be committed with electric handpieces.

Better speed and torque. This is the most notable aspect that the electric handpiece has over air-driven ones. Although the improvements to air-driven handpieces have been steady in the past, they cannot offer the same features when it comes to torque and speed as electric handpieces could. These electrical handpieces offer fully adjustable torque, with a fully adjustable bur speed. With air-driven handpieces, the speed might slow down especially if they will be cutting through tougher materials. However, with an electric handpiece, the speed and torque are always in the dentist’s control.

Advancements in the development of dental electric handpieces

Just like their air-driven counterparts, there has been constant improvement s made to electric handpieces over the years. Here are the most important ones that make it the more favorable choice of equipment when it comes to dental procedures.

Constant torque. The dentist has full control of the torque of the tools. This is a needed feature, especially since the dentists are tending to very sensitive areas of the mouth, like the gums and teeth. 

Controlled speed. Dentists will be able to customize the speed of the instrument. It can be easily manipulated in the use of many different dental procedures performed daily.

Quiet. It is a much quieter system because of the whine of air-driven motors in the equipment.

Versatile. An electrical handpiece can offer versatile speeds and features that make it the perfect tool to be used in almost every dental procedure that is performed in the dental clinic. 

Dental electric handpieces are a good option to choose for dental practices because of the many benefits that come with them. If you are considering new dental equipment, consider these electric handpieces.