There are both pros and cons of massage therapy. People rarely see the negative side of it, but some cons accompany getting massage therapy. This article will weigh in on both the good and bad sides of massage therapy, so you can consider both before going in for a massage. If you are considering massage treatment, you can find more information by clicking the image.


What is massage therapy?

The word “massage” is a general term that refers to pressing, rubbing and manipulating the skin, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Massage therapy can help a person relax their tired muscles and ligaments. Sometimes, if a person experiences muscle pain, a massage can help relieve the pain by removing “knots” in the muscles

Many techniques are applied to the art of massage therapy, most of them involve the use of the hand, fingers and sometimes, even the feet. Many different types of massage exist, like Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage and many more. All of them have a different benefit to offer.


Benefits of having massage therapypros and cons of massage therapy

The benefits of massage therapy mostly revolve around it being a supplementary treatment or alternative treatment to medicine. If a person suffers from anxiety and depression, muscle stiffness, sports-related injuries, immunity issues, and even cancer, studies have shown that massage therapy can be helpful for these conditions. These are only a few of the conditions that massage therapy can help treat. A doctor may advise you if any condition you may have might benefit from massage therapy.

In a nutshell, massage therapy is done to aid the natural healing process and speed it up. It is also aimed at reducing any pain that is felt in the joints or muscles. Massage therapy can also improve blood circulation and release harmful toxins trapped in the body.


Risks of massage therapy

If there are pros, there must also be cons. If the massage is done by a trained specialist, it is most likely safe. However, take note that massage therapy is not for everyone. It can be a risk to the health of people suffering from certain illnesses. 

If a person has broken bones, burns or open wounds suffers from severe osteoporosis, or other serious illnesses that have to do with the bones or if the disease is terminal, it is wise to consult a doctor first. Although there is evidence that supports that massage therapy is beneficial for people with cancer, always consult with your doctor if the massage treatment is right for your specific case. 


If you are unsure if massage therapy is right for you…

If you have any of the conditions listed above and are unsure if massage therapy will do you more harm than good, you can talk to your doctor about it. Even if you have one of the listed conditions, you may still be able to benefit from massage therapy. However, it is wise to discuss with your doctor first and listen to their advice about massage therapy. Knowing both the pros and cons of massage therapy is essential in the treatment being successful.