Having body deformities may have a big impact in a person’s overall health. For women, one of the most common body flaws that get noticed are breast imperfections, like having tuberous breasts. There are so many names for tuberous breasts – tubular breasts, hypoplastic breasts, conical breasts, underdeveloped breasts, or tuberous breast deformity. While you are like most women who would consider Restoration Clinic’s cosmetic surgery services, for instance, just to enhance their breasts in size with a surgery that can improve your looks, women afflicted with this kind of body deformity would need to have more just to have normal-looking breasts. Let us discover what tuberous breast deformity is, its causes and symptoms, the treatment, and what to expect with tuberous breast correction cost.


What are tuberous breasts?

tuberous breastsMost women during their teens who have small boobs would wish that theirs would develop their shape and increase in size as they age. However, this is not the case for women with tuberous breasts or a body deformity that causes the breasts to be underdeveloped. The effect of this on women is to have asymmetrical breasts, characterized by cone-shaped breasts, small in size but with large areolas. This condition may not be documented well because although most researchers believe that its occurrence is not rare, most women who have this condition would shy away from asking medical help or would just live their lives coping with their body deformity, thinking that it is normal to have small but deformed boobs. Because having them do not cause any pain or discomfort ad are not associated with any breast conditions like tumors or cancer, most women would not think of it as a medical problem.


Causes of tuberous breast deformity

There is no real cause that has been found to link with tubular breasts, not even through genes. Doctors and researchers alike do not see concrete evidence that would suggest that this deformity can be passed on genetically since most patients who complain of this condition do not have other relatives with the same issue. However, there is a study that correlates having tuberous breasts with excess collagen production that disrupts the gland development and affects the shape of the breasts.


Treatment for tuberous breasts

If having this breast deformity is not linked to any breast disease or cause any discomfort to a patient, why would there be a need to treat it? Because while others do not focus their attention too much on the appearance of their breasts, those who are bothered often develop mental health issues due to anxiety and depression. They are uncomfortable to create interpersonal relations and interact with others due to a lack of self-esteem and confidence. Correcting the size and shape of their breasts to make it at least proportional to their bodies would help them improve their morale and psychological health.


Clothing adjustments. Because, as mentioned earlier, tuberous breast deformity is not a health scare, many women would just opt to use padded bras and padding inserts to make their breasts fit their clothes.

Surgery. For a more permanent solution, surgeons would perform breast augmentation by inserting implants to enhance the size, shape, and profile of the breasts. If the areolas are not proportionate to the breasts, they can also opt to reduce this surgically. The result of this procedure is highly beneficial for the patient, but one must not forget the tuberous breast correction cost that comes with it.


Tuberous breast correction cost: How much would it be?

Like any other breast augmentation surgery, tuberous breast correction cost can be safely expected to be expensive. The procedure cost ranges from $5000 to $10000, and that does not include additional procedures that your surgeon might include to address your deformity. Conditions that require the use of tissue expanders to release tissue constriction on the breasts, as well as mastopexy or breast lift, may be required to fully improve the look and feel of your breasts.