You may have heard about those popular removable invisible braces worn by many individuals and enjoying the great benefits. They are known as Invisalign. Clearly, Invisalign treatment in Dubbo, NSW and many other clinics with upgraded services has pleased a lot of patients. That’s because this invisible brace can offer benefits that the traditional braces can’t.

While there are other options in terms of teeth straightening, the invisalign process is the only option that doesn’t have any wires and brackets. You can go on living with your life while worrying the stress-free invisible braces. Comfort, convenience and flexibility – these are the main benefits of invisalign. But wait, there’s always more to give you!

The Invisible Appearance

The most famous feature of invisalign is of course the invisibility feature; or at least it’s barely noticeable. The device is so clear that other people will have a hard time noticing that you’re wearing braces. Invisalign is a great substitute to metallic braces. If you want to live a life with full confidence and undamaged self-esteem, these invisible braces are perfect for you.

Easy Cleaning

invisalign process

Unlike the traditional braces where cleaning your teeth is quite challenging, you can simply detach invisalign, and freely brush and floss your teeth with ease!

The tray can be cleaned as well. Just remove it and using mild soap, clean it gently, rinse and put it back to your mouth. Don’t ever use toothpaste in cleaning the tray as it can cause staining, and it would defeat its purpose as an invisible brace.

Remember, maintaining a healthy oral cavity is making sure that everything inside it is clean. Doing so can guarantee the best smile.

Comfort and Convenience Guaranteed!

Unlike traditional braces that are composed of sharp metallic edges, invisalign is made of plastic that are smooth and comfortable to wear. Moreover, the trays are customized to make sure that it perfectly fits to your mouth and teeth.

100% Safe and Removable

As mentioned above, invisalign can be removed unlike the traditional type. Therefore, comfort is guaranteed and you don’t have to worry about those irksome scrapes. Life would be more convenient with invisalign.

Time Friendly

Compared to traditional braces where you need to spend more time and money visiting the orthodontist for adjustment purposes, invisalign is only required to be maintained approximately every six weeks. That means you don’t have to be burdened of adjusting your schedule just to realign your braces.

No Need for Diet Modification!

In terms of orthodontic treatment, you can always anticipate lifestyle modifications such as diet. But this is not the case with invisalign. If you want to eat your most favorite food, all that’s needed is to remove your braces and eat as much as you can! Gone are the days where you need to deprive yourself from the most delicious food.

Confident Perfect Smile

You no longer have to worry about lack of self-esteem or disturbed body image when smiling in front of everyone. With invisalign, the braces are so clear that other people won’t even notice you’re wearing it. Be confident with yourself, knowing that you have strong and straight teeth.