What is the connection between Reclast and dental work? Is it safe to have dental work done while you are on this type of medication? This article will talk about Reclast and how it can potentially affect dental work. On a related topic, if you are planning to have dental work done abroad, please click this link to read the article, because there are risks when you opt for dental implants in Thailand.

What is Reclast?

Reclast is a medication that is given to patients who have osteoporosis. Drugs like this are meant to alter bone formation in the body. They work to prevent fractures from happening as well as to prevent bone loss in patients.

Mostly, patients who suffer from osteoporosis caused by menopause, gonadal failure or the extreme use of steroids are prescribed this drug to help them cope with the weakness of their bones. These people are more prone to bone loss and fractures because of their condition.

Osteoporosis medication and dental work

It is essential to make sure that you practice good oral health habits at all times, this should be observed even more if you are taking Reclast or any other type of osteoporosis medication. Teeth are also considered bones, and they may become weak because of this medication. It is important to take care of your teeth to avoid any oral issues.reclast and dental work

Since this medication like this affects the bone strength and density of a person, it is of utmost importance that you inform the dentist beforehand, if you are taking this type of medication. Many complications may occur in patients who are taking this type of medication.

The most common risk is that these medications may inhibit healing in the bone, which can lead to other complications. These drugs cause the bones to become thin and brittle, making it difficult for dentists to perform the procedure properly. This is why patients who are taking Reclast and similar medications have to advise their dentists about their medication.

Are you taking Reclast and need dental work done?

If you are taking Reclast or any other type of medication for osteoporosis, it is a good idea to tell your dentist about it. Before having any kind of dental work done, you should also let your doctor know about your plans to have dental work done. Your doctor may have to change the schedule of your medication to make way for dental treatment. In turn, you need to inform your dentist that you are taking such medicines for your condition. The dentist will adjust the treatment and procedure accordingly to make sure that you still get the best possible outcomes of the surgery or dental procedure.

Remember that taking your osteoporosis medication and treatment should never get in the way of dental visits. Oral health is an equally important part of overall health that should not be overlooked. Keep in mind that it is possible to have good oral hygiene and at the same time, still keep the other aspects of your health at their best.