What should be in the hygiene kits for homeless people? If you are planning to hold an outreach program and give out hygiene kits, this article will talk about which things to include in a hygiene kit. After reading the article, please visit No Gaps Dental’s clinic located in Chatswood, NSW to get their perspective about hygiene kits.

What are hygiene kits?

Hygiene kits are small pouches or bags that are filled with materials to use toward the betterment of a person’s hygiene. You can have a hygiene kit in your bag for everyday use. It can contain hand sanitizer, face powder, and other things.

However, if you are trying to put together some hygiene kits to donate to homeless people, you may want to consider what to put in there. The contents of a homeless person’s hygiene kit may not be the same as the contents of yours.

What to put in hygiene kits for homeless people

You want to make sure that everything you include in the hygiene kits you donate will be truly usable by the people who will receive them. Here is a list of things you should include in the hygiene kits for homeless people.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

hygiene kits for homelessA durable, soft-bristled toothbrush is a good thing to put in a hygiene kit. A right toothbrush, along with a small tube of toothpaste, will help homeless people have good oral health. They may not be able to afford food, let along good oral hygiene products, so this will help them have better chances of having good oral health.

A bottle of water

Clean water is hard to come by because it may not be their priority. Packing a bottle of clean drinking water will help them a lot.

A comb

Most homeless people do not have enough money to visit a barbershop to have their hair cut. Including a comb in the hygiene kit will help them fix their hair, even if it is long.

A razor

A razor for shaving will be an excellent addition to the hygiene kit so that they can be able to shave off their facial hair.


Packing a small roll of deodorant will give these homeless people a chance to smell better. If they cannot take showers, at least they will be able to feel good, especially if they are trying to better themselves and find jobs, deodorant will give them the boost of self-confidence they need.

Dental floss

This is another dental product that homeless people need but frequently are not able to afford. It will help keep their teeth clean and free of any food particles that can cause many dental issues over time.

Eye drops

Eye drops are good to include as well. These drops will keep their eyes healthy, so it will be one less problem the homeless people will need to worry about in the long run.

Hand wipes

Hand wipes should be added to give the homeless people a convenient way of keeping their hands clean, especially if they are not able to have access to clean water.