Everyone is beautiful in their own ways. Whether you have a flat nose, an uneven dimple mark, or a set of droopy eyes, everyone deserves to feel confident with the skin they’re in. However, some individuals are suffering from the social construct of perfection and want to undergo surgical operations for them to be called, perfect, not beautiful. If you typed in rhinoplasty near me, you can click this link and check out Refine Clinic’s rhinoplasty surgery before you book that appointment.  In this article, we’ll be talking about one of the most common plastic surgery method identified as, rhinoplasty surgery.

Rhinoplasty Surgery: What is It?

Rising in popularity among celebrities and individuals is the reliance for the so-called, nose surgery. With the help of a plastic surgeon, you can improve your looks, boost your confidence and achieve a celebrity-status appeal.

Aside from the common notion of submitting yourself for a nose surgery because of beauty reasons, there are medical implications as to why rhinoplasty surgery is vital for an individual. But, before we delve further into the reasons of an individual for undergoing nose surgery, we must understand what rhinoplasty surgery first.

Individuals who aren’t satisfied with large-sized or flat-shaped nose submits themselves to the care of a plastic surgeon. The procedure consists of altering, reducing, modifying, or changing the nose’s cartilage or bone.

Reasons for a Nose Surgery

A plastic surgeon does not necessarily conduct a rhinoplasty surgery for cosmetic reasons. There are instances when an individual has experienced an injury and is having trouble breathing. Nose surgery will fix their nose for a better function. Some individuals have birth defects that made it hard for them to breathe. A rhinoplasty surgery fixes such concerns.

If you plan to undergo nose surgery, here are some of the changes that you can expect.

  • Modified nose size
  • Better or optimized nose angle
  • Straightened nose bridge
  • Nose tip reshapening
  • Narrowed nostrils

Rhinoplasty Near Me

There are precautions that come with your decision of a rhinoplasty surgery. For example, a plastic surgeon will tell you that you need to have your nasal bone has fully grown to support the modifications.

When you put that at age, girls that want to have a nose surgery must be 15 years old and above. Especially when the rhinoplasty surgery is conducted for cosmetic reasons. On the other hand, boys need to wait at about 18-20 years of age because their rate of growth is slower than girls.

Take note, however, that if you want to have a nose surgery because of medical conditions like breathing difficulties and impairment, you can have it at a younger age. Your reliable plastic surgeon will take care of your rhinoplasty surgery.

Preparations Before a Rhinoplasty Surgery

It may depend on how your plastic surgeon handle your case but mostly, this is what happens behind closed doors.

Once you set an appointment with a plastic surgeon, they’ll assess your health condition and other deciding factors to see if you’re a good fit for rhinoplasty surgery. Your healthcare provider will ask you of why you need to undergo nose surgery and what you expect as a result.

Then, your plastic surgeon will coordinate with your physician for existing medications and other medical hazards that may complicate your rhinoplasty surgery. Medical concerns such as hemophilia (excessive bleeding) will cause your plastic surgeon to advise against any type of elective surgery.

Once you’re deemed as a good fit, the plastic surgeon will request an overall physical exam such as skin or patch tests, blood examinations and other lab tests. Also, he will look at your nose’s skin, inside and outside for a strategic assessment of what to change and what to keep.

After the number of procedures listed above, you’ll have to submit yourself for some photographs to see the long-term results of rhinoplasty surgery. Your plastic surgeon can also recommend other cosmetic surgery options like facelift, chin augmentation, and more.

When everything is set, the process can now begin. Just make sure that you follow all of your plastic surgeon’s restrictions about medicines and pain killers. Taking other medicines than what your plastic surgeon have prescribed may lower the rate of healing and recovery.

Last but not least, prepare your pockets for costly surgery. Rhinoplasty surgery as a cosmetic process is very expensive. Plus, such discretion is usually not covered by your insurance. Unless the nose surgery is a process undergone to improve your medical condition after an injury or a birth defect.


Nose Surgery Procedure

Wherever the rhinoplasty surgery is conducted, always take the time to assess whether your plastic surgeon is qualified and licensed for such process. There are a lot of individuals who go around and scam desperate individuals who want to boost their confidence by getting nose surgery.

You need to be unconscious before surgery starts. You will either inhale a drug or an IV inserted in your body to make sure that you’re unconscious while the surgery is on-going. The procedure happens in a span of one to two hours but it will depend on the complexity of the situation.

Whatever your reason for getting a nose surgery, always look for the most trusted and qualified healthcare professionals. This will assure that your surgery won’t cause more problems and difficulties. Be wary of impostors that provide surgery at a low price.