The facial structure is an essential aspect of a person’s life when it comes to speaking, eating, and breathing. Hence, when problems like teeth and jaw misalignment occur, there are immediate side effects to expect. Dentists at Infinity Dental Care in Winston Hills suggest that a patient with a painful jawbone should visit a specialized doctor for their issue. A severe toothache may need more than your general dentist’s advice. Some dental healthcare concerns may also need more than one specialized doctor of dental medicine. Read more on which type of doctor specializes in teeth and jaw alignment, and you may save yourself from further dental complications. 


Causes Of Teeth And Jaw Problems

The formation of the face from the skull has lots of connected parts. A single fracture on the cheeks may puncture cracks and holes on the jaw, nose, or eyes. Athletes, people who enjoy daredevil stunts, or even just everyday joggers may have unexpected accidents and injuries. Here are some thoughts to consider preparing yourself with equipment like mouthguards and helmets before you go out and enjoy your activities.


Which Type Of Doctor Specializes In Teeth And Jaw Alignment?

Patients are more familiar with only one or doctor who knows how to deal with teeth and jaw alignment. But, when having an orthodontic treatment is not enough, you may need a surgeon to correct these issues. Especially if a person has a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problem, a specialist like an orthodontist may not give proper medical advice. Pain on the jaw may need surgery for correction. Check out the difference between the two dentistry specializations for jaws and bite issues. 


  • An Orthodontist

Orthodontics focus on the teeth and jaw alignment from either malocclusion or genetic formation of the mouth. A patient may only need orthodontists for simple misalignment. Some of the possible treatments from a dentist to align the teeth and jaw are braces, dentures, dental implants, mouthguards, retainers, or aligners. However, several treatments may be needed for those with complex upper and lower teeth. It is recommended by many dental experts to start having your orthodontics treatment as early as a preadolescent (teenagers) or as a young adult. Though there can be instances when adults may have braces. Missing teeth for the elderly are also restored by dentures or tooth implants. 


  • An Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon

Which Type Of Doctor Specializes In Teeth And Jaw Alignment Specialist

For extreme injuries and accidents like fractures and total deformation of the face, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon should be your dentist. These oral and maxillofacial surgeons are the only qualified specialized dentists that can do surgical procedures for major incidents. Other disorders related to the neck, nose, mouth, and different types within jaws and joint pain need treatment.  


When Do You Visit A Doctor For Teeth And Jaw?

Symptoms of having tooth pain due to misaligned teeth and overbite may not necessarily need surgery right away. However, there are certain signs that you may need to watch out for. Visit your dentist if you are already experiencing some of the following symptoms:

  • Swelling Jaws, Gums, Cheeks
  • High Fever Due To Toothache
  • Bleeding Gums
  • Problems Opening The Mouth
  • Protruded Upper or Lower Jaw
  • Sleep Apnea (Snoring)