A fitness tracker or as we all call it, a smart fitness watch is a device designed to monitor and keep track of fitness-related information like heart rate, body temperature, calorie consumption, or the amount of burned calories. Check this site to find a smartwatch that will best suit your lifestyle and physical activities.

In this modern era, having a fitness tracker is much more in demand because more people are starting to have an interest in keeping themselves healthy and physically active. This wearable device can have a huge impact on someone who is trying to make drastic changes in their lives by working out and exercising.


Brief History

Fitness trackers started around the year 1965, it was originally designed by Dr. Yoshiro Hatano to help in fighting obesity. His study suggests that a person needs approximately 10,000 steps meter every day to maintain a healthy and fit body. Modern fitness trackers are still using the 10,000 steps meter as a daily goal although recent studies suggest that a 15,000 daily goal is much more beneficial.

Around the 1980s when fitness trackers started to develop a feature that can monitor the heart rate. Later on, mobile phones started developing their own fitness trackers, Nokia was the first-ever company to accurately track a person’s physical activity.

Until the rise of wearable fitness trackers started in the early 2000s. Fitness trackers can now be worn on the wrist, arm, and even on the finger. Companies like Apple and Samsung started their own fitness tracker products which introduced the smartwatch. A smart fitness watch with special features aside from collecting fitness data is now introduced to the market.


Advantages Of a Smart Watch

male runner with trackerMany people think that smartwatches are only used to monitor heart rate, breathing, physical activity, and calorie count. But the truth is, it can actually do more to change your quality of life and make things easier for you.

  1. This is not just a watch. The main purpose of wearing a watch is so that you can check the time right away. But smartwatches are more than that, this device can also give you data about the time, weather forecast, calendar date, and many more.
  2. It’s like having your smart personal travel buddy. When traveling, we often use smartphones to navigate and find directions. A smartwatch can do exactly the same task and all you have to do is look at your watch.
  3. It can find your lost things. If your smartwatch is synced with your smartphone, car keys, or any electronic device, it will be easier for you to find your misplaced things.
  4. A smartwatch also serves as a fitness tracker. Most smartwatches focus on this feature. It helps on keeping your fitness goals on track. Trackers with this feature can do things like, counting the steps and distance, amount of burned calories and calorie intake, heart rate, pulse rate, and many more.
  5. Modern smartwatches can be synced to a smartphone as well. Its features are so advanced that it can also send and receive messages as well as phone calls. This feature is useful for people who are always on the move and can’t reach their phones all the time.
  6. Social media updates are now part of our daily lives. We are always eager to check if received a new message or notification on Facebook, Twitter, Emails, and other social networking sites. A smartwatch can also notify and inform you right away of what’s new on the social network.
  7. It keeps you connected. Wearing a fitness watch while you are doing a physical activity outdoor will keep you connected to your family and friends. Bringing a large smartphone while you’re running or jogging is quite unhandy and awkward, a smartwatch can save you from this disaster.
  8. Great battery life. A single full charge of a smartwatch can last for up to 10 days. So if you are contemplating if a smartwatch is a must-have or not, bear in mind that smartphone batteries can not last long that much.
  9. You will feel safer. Smartwatches are now installed with GPS. Wearing one while you are doing outdoor physical activities, traveling, or just outside trying to get to work will make you feel secure because you know that you are wearing a device that tracks your exact location. If something terrible happens to you, your family or friends will be able to locate you immediately.


What Smart Fitness Watches Monitor

Smart fitness watches were created to improve our quality of life, help in health and fitness monitoring, and make our goals easier to be accomplished. You might be asking, so what exactly does a fitness tracker can do? Below are the data that a fitness tracker can provide:

  • Heart rate. Physically active people need to monitor their heart rate to know the effectivity of the physical exercise that they just finished. This is a very handy monitoring feature that is useful for athletes. It is important to monitor the heart rate because it will give awareness with regards to the person’s fitness level, heart health, and emotional health.
  • Burned and consumed calories. People who are trying to lose or gain weight always checks their calorie count. The number of calories in the body could indicate if their workout activity is successful or not. The smart fitness watch will let you know if you need more or fewer calories in your body.
  • Blood pressure. Having high or low blood pressure can result in exhaustion if you intend to do extreme physical activity. Monitoring your blood pressure can help in preventing complications caused by too much exercise while your blood pressure is not stable.
  • exercising outdoorChanges in the body. Although the result may not be as accurate as it should be, this is a good feature of smart fitness watches to motivate and encourage people that their efforts in doing physical activities are being paid off. It gives the person an idea if the workout routine that they are using is effective in improving their body.
  • Sleeping data. This device can also monitor how well you sleep. Having enough sleep in one day is essential in keeping our health in check. Fitness trackers can detect if you are sleeping like a baby or if you are having trouble in dozing. If your sleep is monitored, you can determine if how long you’ve actually slept in a day and you can consult a doctor and have accurate information to share regarding your sleeping issues.
  • Your exact location. If you are planning to run, do a physical activity, or hike in an unfamiliar place, a smart fitness watch can always help you find your way back. This GPS feature is very handy for people who are very much outgoing and are always outdoors.

How Fitness Trackers Help in Improving Health

Since these data above are collected consecutively, the device wearer can determine their fitness level, health status, and body changes. If the data that’s being collected is improving, that goes to show that the exercises and physical activity that the person has chosen are beneficial to them.

Before starting your weight loss journey, you can log your current weight to the fitness tracker, it will then calculate the weight that you are losing according to the data that is collected. That way, you will know if you are actually losing weight or not.

If you have heart disease and you wish to stay physically active, monitoring your heart rate while doing physical activity can help in avoiding unprecedented situations that may be caused by your heart condition. Wearing a fitness watch will give you an idea of your limit and if you are exceeding your limitation.

If you are trying to achieve a specific amount of steps on a day, you can also log your desired step count to the device. Afterward, the tracker will compute how many steps you took, and you can see from there if you were able to achieve your goal or if you need to try harder the next day.

A smart fitness watch also holds a feature that congratulates the person if they were able to achieve their logged fitness goal. This is a good way to encourage and motivate its wearer to always stay physically active thus resulting in a healthier lifestyle.


Kinds Of Fitness Trackers

checking smartwatch resultFitness trackers come in various styles and designs. Listed below are the most common kinds of fitness tracker:

  1. Ring. This tiny device can be worn as an accessory and nobody would even suspect that you are wearing a fitness tracker.
  2. Basic trackers. Old trackers are usually placed on the upper part of the arm. Some people who still like to wear their vintage watch prefers basic trackers.
  3. Wrist band trackers. Also known as a smartwatch is a kind of tracker that is placed on the wrist.
  4. Bracelet trackers. This type of fitness tracker does not look like a watch but rather like a bracelet. Bracelet trackers commonly do not have the special features that a smartwatch has.