Damage to your teeth may start different diseases without immediate dental treatment. SLDC located in Pyrmont, NSW, mentions dental crowns are essential to cover a decayed tooth and prevent further toothaches. Many dentists use dental crowns after root canal therapy to seal the filled canals. Furthermore, dental crowns are perfect for an esthetic look to restore your perfect smile. However, there are many options today to improve your teeth’s appearance. What should you know about cerec crowns? Are they different from traditional crowns? Check out the advantages and disadvantages of this restorative procedure before scheduling a dentist’s appointment. 


What Happens In Tooth Decay? Why Should Patients Worry?

Did you happen to crack or chip your teeth while eating? If you had an accident that looks minor, you might still need to visit your dentist for this emergency. There are consequences for not treating your tooth’s problem right away. 

Tooth decay from worn-out enamel and dentin can lead to other periodontal diseases. If you don’t treat your severely cracked teeth, it may become lost forever. Gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis may also occur.

So, to prevent tooth loss and other side effects of teeth damage, visit a dental clinic for dental crowns like cerec to protect your oral health.  


Benefits Of Wearing Cerec Crowns

Why should patients with tooth decay or damaged teeth consider getting cerec crowns? A dental expert may provide the benefits of wearing cerec crowns over traditional crowns. Its advanced digital process using CAD/CAM (computer-aided design) and computer-aided manufacturing helps produce the appliance. Moreover, having implants and crowns can lessen the infection and damage to adjacent teeth. 

Here are other benefits of restorative dentistry using CEREC® crowns for each of your teeth. There are many benefits to point out, but you can ask your trusted certified dentist for more details.


Same Day Treatment

Cerec Crowns

Since digital technology emerged in many dental clinics, dentists took the opportunity to apply their advantages. Many orthodontic and prosthodontic procedures that use CAD/CAM have faster treatments. One of which is cerec crowns from a dentistry laboratory for replacing missing or chipped teeth. You won’t need temporary crowns as the CAD/CAM precisely creates a 3D digital image of your tooth. The program will recreate the ridges, pits, fissures, and indentations of your tooth from a camera examination. However, there are also hands-on manual editing of any missed spaces or areas that need further care. 

You can expect your CEREC® crowns to fit on top of your tooth to prevent decay or stop other dental diseases at that moment. 


More Comfortable While Providing High – Quality Care

Since it won’t take weeks or even months to complete your CEREC® crown, you may find it easier to adjust with the appliance. You wouldn’t need to worry about discomfort afterward since anesthesia is put before the trimming of your tooth. 

Ensure that you are not allergic to the materials used on your crown. You may remind your dentist about your allergies to prevent further harm to your mouth. 

High – quality dental crowns like CEREC® may provide better service to avoid tooth decay or cavities. You can ask your dentist about other options than cerec such as metal, ceramic, composite resin, porcelain, or zirconia for the materials.


Looks More Natural

Materials of cerec crowns are usually ceramic and try to replicate the shade of your teeth. You will not feel embarrassed wearing crowns that look natural when eating food or speaking. You won’t need to wear impression trays or have gooey pastes on your mouth longer than usual procedures. 

That said, you may freely wear your crowns but don’t forget about the stains. Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, or eating staining foods. However, you can also brush your teeth, floss, and rinse with mouthwash if you can’t avoid these events. 


How much Does Cerec Crowns Cost?

Traditional crowns cost $300 to $1000 depending on the tooth’s health condition. However, you may find the rewards of cerec crowns since they are relatively lower than traditional crowns. Since you’re paying for the same – day treatment, you’ll expect fewer bills and fees from consultation, anesthesia, or the procedure itself. The average cost of cerec crowns is cheaper from a $500 to $1500 USD price range.   

As with any medical or dental treatments, insurance coverage may have its requirements. Secure your dental care insurance from a trusted health insurance company when paying for the cerec crowns’ cost. 


What Are The Disadvantages Of Cerec Crowns?

Cerec Crowns Results

With many options for dental services today, it is inevitable to see various concerns about its effectiveness. The same situation goes for cerec crowns on previous dental patients and specialists. A dental clinic may find it challenging to introduce cerec crowns for fractures below the gum line. Also, metal and porcelain-fused to traditional metal crowns may last longer than cerec crowns.


Maintaining Your Dental Health (With Or Without Crowns)

Dental hygiene is a crucial part of dealing with diseases. You must also know that foods such as sugar, carbohydrates, and other staining beverages can damage teeth if you notice symptoms of toothache, jaw pain, headaches, and different painful experiences. 

You may prevent cavities and gum diseases by starting to maintain your dental health as early as possible.