Snap on veneers are one of the possible ways to enhance your smile. There are many other options, of course, through cosmetic dentistry. But snap on veneers are the easier and faster way to a bright and beautiful smile in just a snap. The real question is, are they safe? In this article, you will learn the risk and benefits of having these type of veneers. Before we start, you can take a look at to know more about traditional veneers, because we will focus more on snap on veneers here. If you’re ready, let’s dive in.


What are snap on veneers?

Snap on veneers fit your teeth like a mouthguard. You have thea snap on veneers dental impression option to take them off whenever you want without the need of a dental professional. Their purpose is similar to traditional veneers, which is to improve your teeth’ aesthetic appearance. The only difference is that porcelain veneers are bonded to your teeth permanently. To get veneers you will have to go to a cosmetic dentist, while snap on veneers can easily be bought online. So, how do they work?


How do snap on veneers work?

There are two ways to get snap on veneers. You can either get them online or acquire them through your local dentist if ever they offer one. Getting snap on veneers is painless and easy. Here is a step by step process of how they work:

Making impressions:

If you acquire your snap on veneers through a dental professional, your dentist will take molds or dental impressions of your teeth. Your dentist will then send them out to a dental laboratory. If you get them online, usually after selecting a payment plan, they will automatically send you an impression kit. There will be instructions on how to take your dental impressions on your own. Once done, you will have to send them back your impression kit and wait for your custom fit snap ons.

Ready for fitting:

If done by a professional, your dentist will ensure that the veneers fit you correctly. If received online, if there would be any problem with the fit, you can always ask your seller for a replacement. Once you get the right fit for your snap on veneers, you can enjoy a perfectly white and beautiful smile.

Snap on veneers are removable plastic veneers designed to hide stains, chips, blemishes, or even missing teeth. But they are not, in any way, a substitute for an actual dental material such as dentures or crowns and bridges. The truth is, snap on veneers are only an alternative, fit-at-home type of prosthetic teeth. They may be an excellent solution to some, especially those who want a more attractive smile. But, let us warn you that there may be risks for your teeth’ health with the use of this alternative.



Snap on veneer’s instant solution to stained, chipped, or even missing teeth can be quite promising. But like other quick-fix out there, there are cons that we have to consider before taking them on. They are as follows.

They are not for the long-term. Eventually, you will have to replace your snap on veneers because they only last between two and five years. And, depending on how you use them, some last less than two years.

Not very realistic up-close. From a distance, your veneers look just like regular natural teeth. But if someone were to look closely, they will notice no visible gaps between the teeth. And that might not be too attractive, indicating that you have prosthetic teeth instead of natural.

Bulky teeth. Snap on veneers are custom fit over the top of your teeth. Hence, your teeth may appear bulky, especially if you already have large teeth in general.

Aside from the disadvantages said above, using snap on veneers may also affect your oral health negatively. For example, you may be prone to plaque build up because of the gap between your teeth and the prosthesis. The constant removable of the veneers might scrape your outer teeth coating that might damage it. But, do not be disappointed just yet. If there are cons, there are also pros to talk about.



a lady with snap on veneersThey are affordable. Compared to other cosmetic dentistry procedures, these types of veneers are less expensive.

They are non-invasive. Most comprehensive dental procedures require an invasive method. You need not worry about that when it comes to snap on veneers. No needles, no alterations, no drilling, and no incision.

You can guarantee instant results. While other dental treatments take months and years to complete, snap on veneers take as few as two appointments. As long as your fit is ready you can enjoy your new flashy smile.


Final advice

Most of us cling to cosmetic dentistry and other cosmetic procedures to enhance and improve our appearance. And the media and new companies out there have brought us plenty of options to beautifying and restoring our smile. But every product has pros and cons. These veneers can be tempting, with their price and convenience. And as much as we want the aesthetic benefit it brings, we have to consider our oral health as well.

Snap on veneers, no matter how fancy and enticing their name are are still a quick fix to your dental needs. This dentist in Emerald notes that they are best for people who probably do not want to commit to permanent veneers fully. And possibly have healthy teeth, to begin with.
These veneers are there to hide the fact that you have missing teeth, but they can’t replace your missing teeth. Your teeth’ gap will still be there after you remove it.

Whether you choose to get snap on veneers or not, remember this: No other treatment can bring you a better result than going to your dentist for an appointment.