Our nose is one of the facial features easily noticed by other people. Each individual has a different nose appearance. Generally speaking, some individuals are not at ease with the appearance of their nose. As a result, they undergo surgery to get it fixed. Either because it has functional issues or cosmetically. So, if you are looking for surgical services, visit Dr Alan Evans, a facial surgery specialist.

With attention to the nose, do you know how to tell if you have a deviated septum? What is septum by the way? We can help you with these questions. Please continue reading this article.


What is a septum?

girl concerned with her noseThe nasal septum is a thin wall that divides our nasal cavities into two. The septum is made of cartilage and bone. Its main function is to provide structural support to our nose. Additionally, it ensures that there is a smooth laminar airflow through the nasal cavities.

If the septum is not around or is not in good condition, the air we breathe in might get lost inside our nose. The septum ensures the direct transit of the air to our lungs.


What is a deviated septum?

A deviated septum happens when the cartilage or bone is off-center (either deviated to the left or right), or crooked. There are cases that a deviated septum is already present since birth. It can also because it has become crooked during the growth of the individual. Additionally, it can be caused by an accident that affected the face or nose.

Some deviated septum does not cause any problem to an individual. However, to others, it becomes a concern or an issue. Either on the appearance or the function of their nose.


How to tell if you have a deviated septum

Some symptoms can help you determine if you have a deviated septum. Through these symptoms, you will be able to check if you need to seek medical attention. You can do self-check using these symptoms.

  • An individual with a deviated septum may experience difficulty breathing in the nose. Difficulty breathing in the nose happens if the deviation of the septum is severe. It tends to block the other side of the nose that results in reduced airflow.
  • There is a presence of nasal congestion. It is usually one side more than the other. This congestion results in inflammation and swelling of the lining tissues of the nasal passages and sinuses.
  • The individual persistently experiences sinus infections. Sinus infections are one of the causes of nasal congestion. The virus often causes sinus infections.
  • A deviated septum can also cause nosebleeds. The risk of nosebleed increases as the surface of the nasal septum becomes dry.
  • An individual with a deviated septum can also produce noisy breathing while asleep. This condition leads to sleep problems.
  • There are instances that a deviated septum may also cause facial pain. You can incur facial pain from the pressure at the surfaces near the deviated septum.
  • A headache can also occur if an individual has a deviated septum.


When to seek medical attention

self-check of noseYou have to seek medical attention from your doctor if you are already experiencing the following concerns.

  • You have trouble breathing using your nose.
  • Intense sleep problems.
  • Levelled up sinus problems.
  • Your nosebleeds occur frequently.


Treatment for a deviated septum

A few common treatments for the symptoms of a deviated septum are available.

  • Decongestants
  • Antihistamines
  • Nasal steroid spray
  • Nasal strips

Surgical treatments

Other conditions of a deviated septum require surgical treatments. We have listed below the most common surgical treatments applies to a deviated septum.

  • A septoplasty
  • Submucous resection of the septum
  • Septal reconstruction

However, all of the above-mentioned treatments are better coordinated and discussed with a professional surgeon. No matter what kind of procedure you plan to undergo, the best thing that you can do is to consult with your doctor first and let them know your condition.

Every condition needs evaluation first before anything else. There are so many treatment options that is possibly appropriate for your condition. Only the doctors can determine and tell you about it.


Are there ways to prevent a deviated septum?

Injuries on the nose or face can be the cause of having a deviated septum. Preventive measures are available to avoid having a deviated septum.

  • If you are one of the people who love to play sports, especially those intensely played, it would be best for you to wear proper helmets and headgears.
  • When riding a car, always wear your seat belt. It is the best safety precaution that you can do to avoid getting major injuries in case of car accidents.


Take away

Whether your reason for undergoing surgery or treatment for your septum is because of its function or the structure, you always have to check its pros and cons. It would be best to know which option is good for your condition. Additionally, you have to know if you are completely prepared for it.

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