Month: April 2018

Exercises to Improve your Posture

The health of our spine depends on many aspects such as body size, diet, and physical exercise. However, there is one thing that has a lasting impact on the health of our spine, posture. Having good posture will improve movement and reduce stress on our muscles and joints. Even as most people have been living with bad posture for many years, it’s still possible to improve your posture through exercise. Let’s talk about the damage that is done from bad posture. Additional stress and pressure are put on some of your muscles, yet other muscles are used less and...

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Extreme Weight Loss Meal Plan

Do you want to cut extra pounds from your body? Maybe you have applied different conventional methods to cut your extra pounds & maybe you succeeded a little bit but not up to your target level. If you want to get proper benefit in weight loss, then you have come to the right zone. In a google search, you will get many methods of weight loss, such as curb servings, skipping meals, intermittent fasting and physical exercises all these are common methods followed by the people. But they don’t seem to work as you desire. Expert reveals that fasting...

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Health-Related Components of Fitness

When you want to maintain your body fit and gain better understanding of physical health and wellness, there’re five components of health-related fitness that you must be aware of. These include: Muscular Strength This is pretty much what it sounds like; it’s the amount of force a muscle can produce. This is simply the amount of resistance your muscles can overcome, and it’s typically measured by the maximum amount of weight you can physically move, push, pull, or lift. The size of a muscle is typically in direct proportion to its strength, i.e. the bigger the muscle, the stronger...

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